Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessed Love

I never imagined how blessed I would be,
From the day I watched you dance.
With your radiant smile and gentle heart,
You made my soul take this chance.

Slow and steady we started our journey,
It was effortless to love and trust.
Safe within our love, away from everyone,
In a moment I realized that Life was just.

You’re bright as the sun, my one and only one,
Smart, and caring with all the unique charms.
Each day I thank my Fate for giving you to me,
Whilst I lay wrapped up in your arms.

You have accepted me, for who I am,
Patiently healing my doubts and scars.
My quirks and anger, love and laughter,
You always consider them golden stars.

You have taught me to be a much better person,
Understanding the essence of sharing and giving.
I am all yours, everyday and every minute,
If not for you, I don’t think I would be living.

You’re my ideal partner, a wonderful lover,
My guardian angel and a trusted friend.
I can’t wait to build my life with you,
Infused with blessed love that will never end.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Alluring Scar

On a sudden night,
you waltzed into my life.
And my lonely heart,
rippled with waves of strife.

I tried my best to shut,
my path that led to you.
But the stars unfolded,
a plan I somewhere knew.

I carefully decided to guard,
my cruel cold heart.
But with your gentle patience,
you refused to depart.

Time has flown by,
But yet I pound with fear.
Now that my guard is down,
I pray you don't disappear.

We walk together on this road,
facing the obscure.
For all you know it may end,
But you will be an allure.

I hope I am led to you,
on the way from dawn to dusk.
And for an unknown reason,
in you I want to combust.

Thus all we can do,
is watch us from afar.
And make sure our shadows,
are not given a scar.

-Tanvi Karnik

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Drunkards

This poem was written by me, keeping in mind the troubles children or say the youth goes through when they see alcoholism in the family. It is shattering, not just mentally but mainly emotionally. The scars of seeing alcoholics in childhood remain forever, affecting the person even later in life.

Every night it seems to start,
Their venomous words hit her with darts.

All night long, in alcohol they drown,
Their mean faces transfixed in a vengeful frown.

Disgusting and drunk, they walk around,
Their sickening breath like a bloodied hound.

Hurling abuses, her youth they shatter,
Her hopes, dreams and feelings never seem to matter.

Their drunkard-ness slowly affects them all,
Hurt and pain on them befalls.

One fine day, they shall reap,
For the evil they planted, for the hate so deep.

Their bad decisions, destroys them further along,
God will soon right, all their massive wrong.

Whiskey, rum and all the possible gin,
They scream and fight, but Fate plans her win.

Tanvi Karnik.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Identity Crisis

I stare into the mirror,
Bright and Pearly white.
The dark coals seem to gaze back,
I know I lost the light.

Is this what I want to be?
I ask myself all the time.
Wondering what I am?
Whom am I trying to mime?

The person I am becoming,
Is trapped in a tight green vine.
I am tired of convincing myself,
That my life is a simple straight line.

My mind says something, my soul something else,
My whole entity, I always contradict.
Whom I can hurt, whom I can leave,
This is a question, only I can predict.

Unstable and alone, I shall walk ahead,
This choice that I make, plays with my head.
Every layer of my mind, I just want to fleece,
Hoping one day, my Identity finds peace.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Stranger.....

So it started, with just a walk,
As they approached, their gazes in lock.

Slowly the blush crept up her cheek,
Few moments, the feelings sharp like a hawk's beak.

Round and round, went the swirling palm,
Why did her heart beat with a melodious calm?

Every step they took seemed to match,
When she fell he was there to catch.

In this wide world both were alone,
Entangled in each other, they made their zone.

The spaces between them sparked with fire,
But she knew that Fate was a liar.

How she wished her story would soon weave,
But in three, her stranger took leave.


Added by Indrajit Ghosh...

And yet again the fire will spark,
Like a Nightingale's lantern in the midst of dark.

Soon thou shall see that Fate didn't lie,
It waited for the wrong times to just fly by.

The cheeks will glisten with the blush again,
And your stranger will pass a sweet kiss under the rain.

The walk will commence, ressurecting your dream,
For the holding hands ain't as far as they may seem.

I have been in love, and I know this for sure,
Mine wasn't real, but your's shall be pure.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


This poem is inspired by the concept of Vishkanya (poison maidens) used by Chanakya during the Maurya Empire to kill enemies. The girls were selected and raised away from the families. They were subjected to small amounts of poison for years, and soon over time they developed strong immunity towards them. Their body fluids were filled with poison, hence kissing this girl leads to death as they are filled with poison. This tactic were used by Kings to get rid of their enemies.


The baby's cry woke him up,
Holding her tight, he walked the trail.
Born under the cursed white star,
Her scalp prickly like the writings in brail.

The king was waiting, in the massive hall,
With a cold heart, the plan was made.
The jewel in his hand, would soon be trained,
Lips red as a bud, eyes dark as jade.

Years were passing, she was raised well,
The poison was injected, tenderly a day.
Every minute that passed, she bore the pain,
One fine morning, the pain died away.

So she was ready, saw the King,
Years of hard work, now shall pay.
She was to be a poisonous maid,
All set to destroy, kill and fray.

The enemy's kingdom was a mountain away,
Along with others, she reached his land.
Slender in white, she danced with grace,
She moved fast, time was passing like sand.

The enemy watched the vision in white,
He asked her to follow as he made his way.
She did what she was taught to do,
Enemy now struck, foaming as he lay.

She escaped before the light of dawn,
In due time she reached her King.
He watched her, glistening with pride,
Her task completed, she was gifted his ring.

This is her fate, she is the poison maid,
Peacefully she drank, to her heart's fill.
She now lay awake, waiting for her King,
In time she is told, who is her next kill.

- Tanvi Karnik

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Miles away from me you stand,
My wish is that you hold my hand.

Alone and lonely, you seem to glow,
My love washes in, with a flow.

You are my white shining star,
But all I do is watch from afar.

I feel that you are slipping away,
I try to catch but alone I lay.

Distant and cold, we grow apart,
Colorless with no life, is my art.

I try to hold, as you fall,
My name is here for you to call.

But the star ignores my plea,
And from the sky I see him flee.